Post-Op Day 16

Take a moment to see my results that you will never be shown in their sales and marketing brochures.

                      Pre-Op Photo

My Hans Wiemann Hair Transplant

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This is my actual experience and photographs from my Hans Wiemann/PAI Medical Hair Transplant

At the request of a Hans Wiemann / PAI medical employee, any names of staff involved with my consultation or procedure has now been removed from this site.

This is a quote from the Hans Wiemann/ PAI Medical employee that made the request that all names be removed from this site  

"If sitting in a dark room in front of your computer and making unflattering comments about my coworks and myself as a healthcare provider go ahead, because thats what people who are unhappy with themselves as a person do, transplant or no transplant. No transplant, no matter how well the outcome would change this".

This is a non-profit site intended for consumer educational
purposes only. 
It does not promote or endorse any commercial interests,
products or services.

Below is the PAI Medical Group Mission Statement I was given at my consultation.

Great People. Great Skills. Great Looks.

Our Mission:
To inform and consult our clients as well as offer and provide them with the very best solutions to their hair loss so they may not only improve their image, but also their self-confidence, their standard of living, and the quality of their lives.

Our Philosophy:
We will implement our mission without pressuring, insisting or misleading our clients. The client will be thoroughly educated so that he/she may make an informed decision. The trust our clients place in us, and the results they receive, will ultimately be an investment in themselves, their future and the quality of their lives.

Our Values
We personally take care of every client as if they were our only client. Our goal is for our client to believe in the PAI Medical Group and be completely satisfied with our services. We believe in value, honesty, integrity and fairness.

Due diligence is the key BEFORE you spend many thousands of dollars on a hair transplant that many times is irreversible.

If you are planning to have your first hair transplant or returning for your second or third, all of us have a limited amount of donor hair available.

Learn from my experience after spending over $11,000 for a hair transplant from Hans Wiemann / PAI Medical.

The pictures you will see are the before and after results of a Hans Wiemann transplant performed in 2011. They have not been retouched or altered.

If you are considering spending your money for surgery at Hans Wiemann/PAI Medical, I suggest you read my story and review the post-operative photographs.  

Many hair transplant patients live a life of shame and embarrassment after a hair transplant procedure. Most will never come forward to complain and share their nightmare.

If you live in the St. Louis or surrounding areas, you have limited options on medical practices that perform quality hair transplant procedures.